Empowering the discovery of long-term investment opportunities by analysing emerging macro trends.

We believe that studying humanity growth prospects can lead to fun, and very profitable investment strategies - for those who have the passion and patience to witness the world changing.

By aggregating information from a wide range of sources, we enable investors to create positive change by investing in the future that they wish to make a reality.

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A timeline showing some of humanity's key inventions over the past 200 years - and the excitement for what lies ahead

Investing in compounding global growth

The world we live in today would have been unimaginable a few decades ago. We are living in a golden age of technological progress - full of excitement, controversy, concern and hope.

The metaverse, general artificial intelligence, universal basic income, cryptocurrencies, decentralized organisations, genome editing, brain-machine interfaces, space colonization and so much more. Countless disruptive industries are emerging, each presenting new opportunities for growth - opportunities our platform can help identify.

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Identifying and analysing global trends


How do investors feel about equities?

Keeping up to date with news volume, market trends, and trading momentum can help identify emerging investment opportunities and manage portfolio risk. We present an understanding of what investors are actively interested in.


How do investors feel about equities?

Crowd psychology and emotion creates discrepancies between value and current market prices. We analyze text from articles and social media to study the impact of speculation on individual equities and the wider market.


What major events are happening right now?

Aggregating news articles from a range of publishers provides a representative snapshot of event sequences. We extract valuable insights from these through natural language processing.


How much are equities really worth?

A range of methods can be used to forecast the true, present, and future value of an equity or an entire market. We provide the latest market data to enable investors to perform this analysis effectively.